Sophisticatedly Spotless Cleaning by Sophia

My name is Sophia Wight, I am the owner and operator of Sophisticatedly Spotless House Cleaning and I bring more than 6 years of experience in the cleaning industry to my business as well as many years of personal housekeeping experience. In 2014, I recognized the opportunity to fill a vital need within the personal cleaning marketplace, and established Sophisticatedly Spotless House Cleaning. I provide 5 star service for busy professionals, business owners, private homes and houseboats/yachts. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, I have built a thriving company from the ground up, which has astutely prevailed over the market for high-end cleaning throughout its duration.

I have brought unwavering attention, loyalty and care in the work that I do, to all of my client’s homes, offices and other premises, for the entirety of my life devoted to my profession, and that level of care is a mandatory and unchangeable commitment. My client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and I personally ensure that every person, or business that I work for receives impeccable, concierge level service, by maintaining an unwavering commitment to exceptional work, meticulous care and unerring professionalism at all times.

Sanitizes all counter tops and backsplashes
Cleans all cabinet surfaces
Dusts/cleans all moldings
Washes dishes
Cleans exterior/interior of all appliances
Cleans all floors
Vacuums all rugs
Scrubs the sink area
Cleans all furniture
Empties trash and recycling


Dusts/cleans/vacuums all furniture
Dusts/cleans home decors
Dusts/cleans all moldings
Cleans/vacuums all floors
Cleans all mirrors and glass surfaces
Empties trash


Cleans shower/tub
Cleans toilet and toilet area
Scrubs tiles
Cleans sink areas
Cleans countertops
Cleans faucets and knobs
Cleans cabinet surfaces
Cleans floors and vacuums rugs
Cleans mirrors and glass surfaces
Empties trash

Bed linens will be changed if left out for maids
Dusts all furniture
Dusts home decor
Dusts all moldings
Vacuums/cleans carpet, area rugs and floors
Cleans mirrors and glass surfaces
Empties trash


Please call for customized quote
Regular residential cleaning
One time residential cleaning
Office cleaning
Deep cleaning
Construction clean up
Move in/move out
Will work on weekends

(Additional services can be arranged upon request.)